Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tempestuosity of spring yields to quieter midsummer fruition

Photo by D. Grant Haynes

Plants, animals, and all wild things of the Earth are governed by the cyclical ebbing and flowing of the seasons. Midsummer in Eastern Washington is characterized by a sense of peace not known in the spring. The blackbirds have reared their broods and are beginning to flock together in the evening. Wheat and wild grasses are ripening, thus assuring continuity of their kinds for another year. Nature's children have remained faithful to their charges. They can relax and rest now, building up energy stores for the next chapter in their lives. Whatever Love's plan for them--migration to a warmer clime or survival in a long and cold winter--there will be no complaining nor striving. They accept their roles in the larger order and are at peace in all things. -- D. Grant Haynes